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Ranting Time / Current status

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 11, 2015, 3:07 PM
Ranting Time!

Okay, so I'm gonna take this journal entry to rant, so gather 'round children while I rant about what has honestly been the worst time of my life: The fatality of having a teenager as a roommate.

Brief cap of what my living situation was like: March of 2014 I got laid off from my job of 4 years, while my lease on my apartment was ending, I moved back in with my folks who were living in my faternal grandparents house / said grandparents were living up north at the family cottage, where they would come visit and stay when they had doctor appointments in the city. About 2-3 weeks later I got hired at Value Village (Savers in the US) I decided to stay until I paid off my student loans.

Present day where shit started to hit the fan: My grandparents up and decided to sell the family cottage up in the north and move back into the house. Problem being, they are extremely old fashioned Italian folks who do not believe in pets that live inside the house...I have 2 cats, that I had adopted/rescued while living on my own. So, with the lack of notice, I had to go.

Where shit really hit the fan: I moved into an room with a roommate I found on Kijiji, obviously my first mistake, the place was in Scarborough (aka The asshole of Toronto) and was 2 hours from my work and it would be helluva commute but it was my price range, she seemed nice, well mannered and she had a puppy, she said she didn't mind the cats so long as I didn't mind the puppy (which obviously I didn't, though after finding out it was a husky-german sheppard, I decided to keep my cats in my room until coming up with a proper introduction)

My problem wasn't the dog, who was a total sweetheart, though a bit over excited and rambunctious. My problem was the roommate, who was 18 when I moved in, and turned 19 during my stay. I did get along with her to a certain extent, however I have never in my life met someone who was such a goddamn pig. I would get up for work at 4:30am and sometimes wouldn't get home until 6:30 pm

Here's just a list of the shit she did:

1) Never washed her dishes.

2) Never walked her puppy, I would walk her every day after work.

3) Would not leave the puppy in her kennel when we weren't home, so she would trash the apartment and piss and shit everywhere, or leave soiled puppy pee pads or soiled newspapers on the hardwood floor for HOURS.

4) During her relationship with a guy, WHILE she was home, she would leave the puppy in her kennel and not walk her for HOURS, going on 1-2 DAYS, leaving her to lie in her own piss and shit.

5) Though I have no proof, I highly believe she spent my last months rent on her birthday.

6) On her birthday, brought home ANOTHER puppy, even though she didn't take care of the one she already had.

7) Left soiled anal plugs on the bathroom counter and NEVER FLUSHED THE GODDAMN TOILET.

8) Broke my collector Game of Thrones drinking glass and didn't even bother to try and replace it

9) Constantly stole my make-up, and would go into my room to use my mirror, used my hairbrush.

10) Wanted to pup her new puppy because "She wants her to know what dick feels like" (I swear to fucking GOD, those words came out of her mouth) ((Though, thankfully, after constantly trying to convince her to re-home her second puppy, she finally did)

11) Had 2 pregnancy scares in the 2 1/2 months I've known her because she doesn't bother to take her birth control and doesn't like the feeling of condoms.

12) Put plastic in the oven TWICE, causing an oven fire the first time, and leaving the melted plastic in the oven for DAYS the 2nd time (which happened while I was away on vacation)

13) Got fired from TWO jobs in the 2 1/2 months I've known her.

14) While I was on vacation for a weekend, got rid of the husky-german sheppard and brought home ANOTHER puppy.

15) I found out I was paying $200 more in rent then her.


17) When I fought with her and told her to her face all the shit she's being doing that pissed me off (i.e this fucking list) She went and changed the internet wifi password, even though I was PAYING for the internet, and was absolutely convinced I didn't pay, though I have all my receipts. So basically she forced me to move out earlier then I wanted to, and REFUSED to give back my last months rent (which I still highly suspect she spent on her birthday, cause she works like...4 days a week/5 hour shifts, no WAY could she afford a condo to rent for a night :/ )

Anyway, was gonna go after her in small claims court, but I researched it more and although I have never met anyone in my life who was such a spoiled walking disaster that needs their teeth kicked in. It would have ended up costing me more to get back my last months rent, then my last months rent is worth. Also I'd rather not see her face again, because the thought of dealing with her and having to see her smug face is physically revolting to me, like have any of you EVER met a person who physically embodies the word PERIOD CRAMPS? Cause I haven't till now.

I live with one of my awesome friends right now, and my cats are being babysat by my other awesome friend, while I look for a place, with ANOTHER friend, and I'm really close to family currently and am in a very positive place (my maternal grandparents who I love very much, are like a block away) so my comfort is knowing karma will probably hit this cunt like a bag of bricks, or hell, she's probably gonna end up with like, 3 kids by the time she's 24, and living on the street because nobody is gonna wanna put up with her shit, and she can't seem to hold a job anyway lol

Like in this hour, this is the most time I've spent on a computer, I haven't worked on any projects in MONTHS, but I'm thinking once I'm in my new place, I'm gonna work on a painting, for now I've started sketching small stuff cause it's mostly all I can handle with my work load of 40 hours a week D:

Other than that, I hope you ALL were greatly entertained by this journal, and my lacking ability of reading personalities, trust me, I have 20x20 hindsight in this case. It is absolutely the last time in my life I ever deal with a teenager for something more important that borrowing a lighter, I do hope sometimes she'll get hit by lighting...or an 18 wheeler truck, but it's hardly a main focus in my life now, she's hardly worth the shit that comes out of my cat's ass, let alone my attention, ain't nobody got time for that.

All hope you guys have had a wonderful year and will have a fantastic Halloween, In 20 days I will be quarter of a century and lemmie tell you, I am not even remotely prepared for that shit ): People start expecting shit from you when you're nearing late twenties, like I can't even count on one hand the amount of highschool friends I know that are getting married and having/ have had kids already ugghh make it stop yo

I'm out!

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  • Reading: The Hobbit
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Hi, I'm Mel!

I enjoy: House/Dance/Trance/all kinds of music, Anime, Vidja Gaems, Devoting my soul to random TV series and books, Drawing, Tattoos, and just chillin out : D

I'm actually a drop-out from school, at first I graduated with a diploma in Visual and Digital Arts, decided to push it further with a Degree in Classics (that failed unfortunately) and it is still to be seen whether I go back or not (probably not)

Right now, just working living paycheque to paycheque enjoying what I do most and just living the good, rash, life of a 20-something year old :'D

Overall, I'm a REALLY FRIENDLY PERSON, always down to meet new people and see more art, so don't hesitate to chat ya? Anyhoo that's about it!

I'm out!~

Current Residence: Toronto × Canada

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